Tees Valley Mohawks Basketball club
Tees Valley Mohawks Basketball club

Tees Valley Mohawks Basketball Club

Tees Valley Mohawks have a great tradition, the club was formed in the 1980's and played out of Grangetown youth and community centre, The club has moved across the Tees Valley area playing out of various different sporting centres which included the Rainbow centre, Tilery Leisure centre but wasnt until the new state of the art Leisure complex called Eston Sports academy was built in the early 2000's that Tees Valley Mohawks really got a hold of the National League basketball winning a massive 11 National titles in the next 5 years which included back to back treble winning seasons and 5 National trophy wins in a row which is still a record that hasnt been broken today. Due to Mohawks success Teesside University got on board as a partner of the Mohawks and the team moved across to the Olympia Building as the teams home base. The last few years Mohawks have won the Patrons cup, got promoted to Division one and were runners up in the trophy final in 2013 and now have moved to the 21 million state of the art Sporting complex Middlesbrough Sporting village the club are expecting to make some new hostory over the next few years.     

Few Photos from National Trophy final

Tees Valley Mohawks Hall of Fame:


1999/2000/2001/2002/2003 - National Trophy Winners

2000/2001/2003 - League Winners

2001/2003/2004 - Play Off Winners

2009 - Patron Cup Winners


Tees Valley Mohawks Basketball Club:

Teesside University Olympia Building, Victoria Rd, Middlesbrough

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Call us on: 07895 594018 or contact us directly using our online contact form.


Kids Sessions

We've launched a new event for kids aged between 6 - 16 years at Middlesbrough College every Monday between 6-8pm.

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